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175 Millions monthly listeners 


How does it work ?

As a SoundCloud user, you can like ❤️ , comment 💬, repost 🔁.

Each track/playlist reposted is seen by your followers in their feed.


Imagine that hundreds of channels with thousands of followers repost your track, it will be seen thousands of times !

Soundcloud 2021 official stats


You sound like a pro ? Be seen as one !




All the channels and partners we work with,

Curators, Artists, Labels, and Networks, are selected.

Promotions range from 500.000 to 25 Millions.

How do we count reposts ?

50 accounts with 20k followers will be counted as 1M Reposts


We will repost your track with accounts related to its musical genre.

100% transparent

We provide you links to track your reposts

- Who reposts your track,

- How many followers, 

- When the reposts happens

Capture d’écran 2022-03-23 à 15.31 copie.jpg

March 2022 Campaign exemple


1. Fill the submission for with your infos,


2. If your track is accepted we will get back to you by email for the payment,


3. Once we receive your payment, it takes less than 24h to schedule the reposts,


4. You will receive the reposts scheduler link(s) as soon as it's set !

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