If you haven’t considered using SoundCloud promotion for your music yet, you probably should. With 175 million global users, SoundCloud is the largest music and audio platform in the world.

How it Works :

As Soundcloud user you can favorite, playlist or repost any track,

when you choose to repost a track, your followers will see it in their stream.

Imagine that hundreds of channels followed by thousands of followers are reposting your track, it will be seen thousands of times !

Our job is to trade with those big artists, labels & channels accounts to promote your track.





Repost Campaign

Get your track Reposted by more than 25M Followers

Thanks to our network and partners, we can reach up to Millions of followers !

Promotions goes from 250k to 25M.

If you think your track will make it on the stream, this is the best option.

How do we count the reposts :

A repost with 5x 200k followers channels will be counted as a 1M followers Reposts

We will always try to repost your track with accounts related to its musical genre.

All the channels and partners we are working with are selected,

your track won't be reposted by fake or inactive accounts.


Guaranteed Streams

All the avantage of a Repost Campaign with a stream guaranty.

We can guaranty from 1k to 100k streams per tracks accepted.

Your track will be promoted until it reaches the numbers of streams ordered whenever how many reposts we need to do.

75% of our clients are taking a Stream Guaranty.

If after 30 days you didn't reach your goal, we will refund 10€ per 1k streams missing.

Step by Step

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Submit your track

Send the Payment

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